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About Innova Traducción

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Innova is a dream that started many years ago. Graduated in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Malaga, I have lived and studied in Angers, Lyon, and Dublin. Currently I reside in Málaga and work full-time in what Gabriel García Márquez defined as “The most profound way of reading”, namely, translation.

I translate literary works and novels for editorials and for authors directly, directed towards adults as well as kids; I do subtitles for movies and documentaries, working with ARTE and Amazon Prime amongst others; I translate technical sheets, manuals and patents; I’ve localized some of the most popular games for Microsoft, and adapted the advertisements of big companies as Jaguar, Logitech, Lisa Franklin Skincare, and Zuru toys to the Spanish marked.

My working languages are French, English, and Italian towards neutral Spanish. All projects with these combinations I handle personally. For translations and corrections in other languages I have access to various external translators and linguistics which handle the texts in their native language, following the international standards laid out in ISO 17100:2015.

Do you need a translation? We want to show you our talent.

Raquel Luque Benítez

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